Work Like A Dog

August 5 is National Work Like A Dog Day and we are so thankful for all the furry friends out there putting in the hard work. While we are working like dogs, so are they. Is your dog ready to start their career? Here are the top four jobs for your doggos!

Therapy Dogs

The sole purpose of a therapy dog is to make people feel better. You can find them in hospitals, retirement homes, nursing homes, etc. They help calm the nerves of their owners by making contact and being there for them through treatment. This is a special job meant for pups who love to play in a calm manner and are good at cuddling.

Acting Dogs

A famous pup? Sign us up! Everyone LOVES movie dogs. Those animals go through a crazy amount of training and they sure win our hearts over in every production. They come in all shapes and sizes. If this is something your dog would be good at, consider getting them an agent! Yes I know… dogs have agents!

Search & Rescue Dogs

These dogs have an amazing sense of smell! You know this would be great for your dog if they can smell the bacon you are making from miles away. This job is quite serious since these dogs work in disaster situations on a daily basis, such as retrieving lost humans.

Guide Dogs

There is a school meant just for training guide dogs. They have an incredibly important job as they play the eyes for those who are blind or help walk those who are injured. They help save lives! There are currently over 10,000 pups who are employed as guide dogs.

If your dog isn’t cut out for any of these careers, don’t worry, because working like a dog can just mean they are a great pet to have around. With their unconditional love for you, what’s better than that!