Top 5 Questions to Ask the Vet

Related imageHave you ever walked into a vet as a new pet owner and not known what to really ask them? Vet visits can be sometimes be stressful and not just for the animals. We want to do everything to ensure our furry friends are doing well, so we want to help you out and suggest a couple of questions that you could ask us during your appointments!

What should my pet be eating?
This is very important because what they eat can determine their overall health. Even before changing your food brand, consult with your vet first, as the transition can sometimes be difficult. Let your vet know you need help in picking or switching to new foods for your pet. We can help you find the best answer.

Why does my pet do this?
Sometimes, our animals can annoy us: excessive barking, whining, destroying items and peeing on our dining room carpets. Do not be upset or embarrassed! This behavior is common. We can help you figure out different tips and tricks to calm down your pet. It is better to fix the small issue before it turns into a big one.

Is my pet in good shape?
This goes along with a proper diet and good behavior. Tell your vet, truthfully, how much you take your animal outside or what types of activities your pet does for exercise. We are not here to judge, only to help. Try 15-20 minutes a day and see if there is a change!

Is there anything wrong with my pet in general?
Want the full body review? We can give that to you…. If you notice small bumps, moles, lumps in the body, or any kind of detail, please bring it to our attention! Make sure you warn us so we can record every small detail. Better to be safe than sorry!

Can there be issues I cannot see?
There could be many unknowns, that is why we encourage you to schedule appointments regularly with us. Everything from blood tests to urine tests. These can detect hidden diseases!

If you have anymore questions, schedule an appointment with us at We look forward to seeing you!