Top 10 Interesting Facts About Dogs

Norwich Terrier, Irish Setter, Siberian Husky and Labrador Retriever

It’s no secret that dogs are amazing! From the tips of the nose, down to their toes, they are miraculous animals that have quirky behaviors and extraordinary skills. We’ve narrowed down the seemingly never-ending list of interesting facts about our canine companions here:

1. Pearly Whites
Puppies have about 28 teeth and adult dogs have 42. Say cheese!

2. Man’s Best Friend
Petting your dog actually releases oxytocin, or the “love hormone”, in both of you. Best friends for life!

3. Why the Wet Nose?
The best part about dog kisses is actually a very beneficial skill for them. The mucous that comes out of their nose actually improves their already outstanding sense of smell.

4. High Population
The United States is the leading country in number of dogs living here! We have over 75 million pet dogs today.

5. Can You See What I See?
Turns out, dogs can see more than black and white. Most breeds can see blue and yellow as well.

6. I Dream of Kibble
When our dogs lay down to sleep, they dream just like us! They enter deep sleep cycles, and show rapid eye movement (REM) which indicates they’re dreaming. When you see their paw or tail twitch, it often means they’re dreaming!

7. Did You Hear That?
Dogs are able to hear much higher pitched sounds than humans. On average, humans can hear best at 2,000 Hertz, while dogs can hear at a much higher 8,000 Hertz.

8. Finger (Nose) Print Like No Other
A fingerprint can be used to identify anyone in the world, and so can your dog’s nose print. Each nose is different from any other one in the world!

9. Night Vision
Don’t worry about getting lost in the dark with your dog. Our furry friends have a special membrane in their eyes called the tapetum lucidum. This gives them better sight, even after the sun goes down!

10. A Breed For Everything
There are more than 150 dog breeds. They are divided into different categories including sporting, hound, working, terrier, toy, non-sporting, herding and other.

Whatever makes your dog interesting, love them for them! We sure do! Don’t forget to schedule your pet’s annual wellness appointment online today!