The Dangers of Squeaky Toys for Dogs

One of the most popular toys for our pets also comes with a warning of caution. Owners should be careful to give out squeaky toys to their pets because they can cause more harm than fun in some situations. The dangers of squeaky toys are real, and it’s the pet owner’s responsibility to determine if these toys are acceptable for the pets in your life.


Some dogs absolutely love to walk around with a squeaker in their mouth, making all sorts of noise during play time. This may seem fine until you understand why squeaky toys were invented. These toys represent small rodents that some dogs were originally bred to hunt. Even though your dog doesn’t hunt for small rodents now, they still have that natural prey instinct in them. Squeaking the toy ignites this instinct, which causes your pup to become overexcited. This can mean they are abnormally more aggressive, which is dangerous for homes with small children.

Choking Hazard for Small Dogs

The traditional squeaky toy comes as a plush dog toy with a small round balloon that creates the high-pitched squeak we all know. As pet owners, we’ve seen our fair share of these toys torn apart to reveal fluff and the tiny plastic balloon. This type of squeaky toy is extremely dangerous to pets with a history of tearing apart toys. The small internal pieces are a major choking hazard. This is why we recommend watching your dog closely when introducing a new toy or treat.

Our Advice

Noise making toys are great for your pup, in moderation. At University Animal Hospital, we recommend brands such as KONG that have a long standing reputation of designing tough, durable dog toys. You don’t have to worry about these toys being torn apart and causing choking hazards.

If your pet has a history of becoming over excited in normal situations, we do not recommend letting them play with squeaky toys around small children. Even the nicest of pets can become aggressive at the drop of a hat.

As with all new things introduced to your pets, if you are treating your dog to a new toy, make sure they are monitored during the first few days. There are concerns for these toys, but they are also a great tool to keep your dog engaged during playtime, which leads to more healthy exercise for them. To learn more about keeping your dog safe during play time, please do not hesitate to reach out to our office today.