We just wanted to say a big thank you to all of you who were so amazing to us on such a horrible night. Having your caring staff show love and concern, offer us drinks, offer to let us order a pizza while we waited and turn of a TV for the kids was amazing. Thank you again.

Tina C.

Dr. Ware,

I just wanted you to know that our dog Zoe had a relapse last week and never was able to recover. After several days in the hospital, two oxyglobin transfusions, an unexpected fluid buildup in her abdomen, serious breathing difficulties and essentially no hope of improvement, we elected to per her to sleep yesterday afternoon (December 16th).

It is my opinion that you saved her life back in July with your early IMHA diagnosis and treatment. Because of your skill and dedication we were able to then seek specialized care for Zoe and, more importantly, we were able to enjoy her company for another 5 precious months.

Thank you again for all that you did for Zoe.

Ken P.

Dr. Gus and Dr. Flegenheimer,

I am currently in a position where I split my time between my home in Prescott and a place here in Tempe where I work during the week. I have two beagles that are very much part of our family that travel back and for the with us. Their normal vet is in Prescott, but that may soon change.

Last week one of them, Harley, ate a bone that ended up causing damage to his colon. He was bleeding pretty badly and my wife called me at work. I called around to some very trusted friends and vets in the valley looking for one that could help after hours as this was late in the afternoon. I was recommended to your clinic by quite a few.

I brought Harley over and when we got there things were bad. His normally outgoing and happy demeanor had left and he was a very lethargic and weak dog by the time we got in. He was taken into the back for exam and my family and I waited in the front. The nurses went out of their way to help control my 18 month and 3 year old boys. They were very nervous, not understanding what was going on but knowing something was wrong. One of the nurses brought out a DVD for them to watch and the whole staff was incredibly nice and helpful.

After a bit, we were called to the back to discus the situation. Dr. Ware had picked up the case.

I have had all kinds of animals through my life, and for those 35 years I have dealt with all types and abilities when it comes to vets. He explained the situation very thoroughly and what the options were. He stepped out a few times over the course of the consult to check on things. Each time he came back with more information to discuss. I was very taken by how positive and helpful he was. He was able to convey the seriousness of the situation, explaining in terms that were detailed and helpful to my wife and I about the situation. He provided quotes to us as we proceeded with each conversation, and made sure that we understood everything we were discussing. While the common person may not understand the complexity of biology, he never once made us feel as if we were being talked down to.

Dr. Ware constantly kept us updated over the next few days as to the status of Harley and how he was doing. He made sure to explain the details of the medication, what it will do, and how to administer it when Harley was released. Today Harley is back to his normal self and enjoying being back with his sister and our family.

During our whole interaction with your staff, we were every impressed. Please thank them all for a job well done.

A special thank you goes to Dr. Ware. He consistently had a smile, spoke to us as if we were old friends, and he always had time for us never rushing to the next task. Dr. Ware is one of the best vets I have ever met and I hope you make note of how important he is to your staff today and will be in the future. In being a vet he brings pride to the profession, and your team is better for having his as part of it.

Stacy B.

Dear Dr. Gus,

In December, I had taken my cat Elmo into your office to see Dr. Langeneckert because he hadn’t been acting right for a week or so. Dr. Langeneckert thoroughly went over some possible problems and their solutions. I chose to have blood tests run to find out what exactly was wrong with him. Within a day or so, Dr. Langeneckert called me with the results-results I did not want to here. He had kidney failure. Being that Elmo was 17, she told me of some temporary fixes for him, but ultimately, we decided that it’d be in his best interest to have him euthanized. I took some time to accept the fact that he was dying and that the decision was the right one for him. I made an appointment for the following Tuesday. However, over that weekend, his condition started to worsen. I took him in on that Sunday morning. Dr. Langeneckert hadn’t been working that day, so our appointment was with Dr. Roe.

I’m writing to you to express my sincere gratitude. Both of the doctors and all of the techs and staff that I had encountered each visit took very good care of my beloved Elmo. They were all extremely compassionate and cared about my feelings and his needs. Dr. Langeneckert took quite a bit of time to fully explain everything to me and was very patient, even as I cried both in the office and over the phone. And although I met Dr. Roe for the first time under such sad circumstances, I truly appreciated her empathy and her genuine kindness that helped me get through the procedure.

I would also like to thank you for the sympathy card that I received from your office. I’m sure you and your staff can certainly understand that my pets are family. So when something like this happens, it truly is heart breaking…especially since I’ve had Elmo for 17 years!!

My last thank you is for something I received in the mail yesterday-a card from the Phoenix Zoo showing that a donation was made on behalf of Elmo from University Animal Hospital. I truly appreciate the thoughtfulness behind this gracious gesture. It certainly meant A LOT to me to see that, since I have a true passion for taking care of animals.

Jessica C.

Dear Boarding Staff,

We would like to thank you for the wonderful care you gave our cat Bondo, during his stay at your facility. Having Bondo away from us for 10 days was very traumatic and heart breaking. However, your staff promptly returned our phone calls and reassured us that Bondo was being well taken care of and in good hands. We appreciate, and Bondo appreciates, your kindness and care.

Fred A. and Shelly T.

We love you guys. It’s the only time I’ve ever had a pet that looked forward to going to the vet. He loves all the attention, care and treats he gets when he comes here. Thank you so much, and we tell all our pet owner friends about you all the time.

Brian S.

Dear Doctors and Staff,

We want to thank all of you for helping to make Buddy’s life with us a happy one, and especially for your donation in his name to the Phoenix Zoo’s Pet Memorial Program. You have all been most kind and considerate. We especially want to thank Dr. Amber Naig for helping us say goodbye to Buddy, Dr. Carmen Bastek for providing him with such excellent health care over the past five years and Amy whose gentle grooming kept him so much tidier and cleaner than we could have.


Barbara C.

Dr. Gus,

We wanted to let you know how much we appreciate the care Dr. Naig has given our dog.

For several months Harley has been very sick with tick fever. The traditional medicine/course of action was not working, as Harley’s case is very servere. Dr. Naig has taken the time to research, consult with specialists, and monitor Harley very carefully to develop a new treatment strategy.

Additionally, Dr. Naig takes the time to explain everything to me. I have a job where it is very difficult/impossible to take phone calls at work. This means I am usually not available when Harley’s blood work comes in. However, Dr. Naig always returns my calls in the evening, and makes sure that I understand exactly what is going on. Also, because of my work schedule I can usually only come in to the clinic at limited times which means that I can not always see Dr. Naig. Even when Dr. Naig has not been the person that sees Harley, she makes sure that she calls me with all test results.

I know that many people are attached to their pets, and we are no exception. However, Harley is especially important to me – we got Harley because I was in the middle of a serious medical illness and we thought Harley would help me feel better, or at a minimum lower my stress level. Obviously, you know what an impact a pet can have on a person’s health. Because Harley is so important to us, we want to make sure the we do everything we can to make sure she can get better. We are confident that is being accomplished with Dr. Naig.

We wanted to make sure you knew what an asset she is to the clinic. All the extra time and work she is doing means a great deal to us and to Harley.

Last Friday evening (5/22) I dropped off a stool sample for one of my elderly Afghan Hounds, who seemed a bit “off” and had just started having some diarrhea. I thought that perhaps I was over-reacting, but on the other hand I’d rather be safe than sorry. Besides if it didn’t clear up with a home remedy approach (chicken and rice diet and an OTC anti-diarrhea med) and I had to bring her in to the clinic, one of the first things you would want to check would be a stool sample.

Knowing that this was Memorial Day weekend and that Dr. Bob Koch (the vet I see most often) was out of town, I really didn’t expect to hear the results until the following Tuesday.

Imagine my surprise when Dr. Koch called me, from out of town, with the lab results about 5:30 the next evening – a Saturday night! I’d hardly hung up the phone from talking to him when Holly called from the clinic to tell me that the needed medication was ready to pick up!

So even though it was a three day holiday weekend, my dog was able to start her medication very quickly and get back of the road to recovery.

What a well-oiled machine you have at University Vet. The efficient front staff (who are such good listeners) manning the reception desk; the lab behind the scenes that ran the sample and communicated the results to Dr. Koch; Dr. Koch who is always willing to call to follow-up with clients (even after hours and regardless of where he is); the vet on duty that Saturday, who had approved the prescription and had Holly get it ready and call me.

Yet again, I am most impressed with the wonderful service the entire staff renders. And I know that a key element is how you all work together to make things happen while really caring about the clients and their animals.


Dr. Naig,

I wanted to thank you and your staff for taking care of my baby girl kitty, “Fire”. Even though she didn’t make it, I knew she was in good hands. Thank you for going the extra mile and calling the ER vet, calling me, and checking in even though you were already off for the day.

Fire, “Miss Fire” as I called her, was so sweet and had the loudest purr; I am sorry you never knew her when she was healthy – everyone falls in love with her. Thank you for recommending taking her to the ER for the night, they also did everything they could to keep her comfortable until the end. I was with her when she died and am so very greatful for that.

I have trusted many animals in the care of University Animal Hospital and after this week with Fire, I will continue to do so.

Please thank all the staff that helped with her care. I have worked in the animal field for almost 20 years, I know what dedication it takes. Miss Fire was blessed to have had all of you in her corner until the end. As her mother I will be eternally greatful.

Thank you,

Devorah Y.

Bob and I can’t say enough good things about yet another experience at University. We found a pregnant stray (which we eventually named Abby) on a Sunday night. Less than 12 hours later she delivered the first of what would be 12 stillborn puppies (over the course of 24 hours). That was sad enough, but a day later Abby was listless and had little color in her gums or her tongue. Tests revealed she was very anemic. She was put on medication, but 24 hours later the number went even lower to 8%. Our vet in Laveen advised a blood transfusion immediately. As they were closing in a few hours, they said they were unable to assist us. Bob and I immediately thought of University, our vet for so many years before we moved to Laveen. University agreed immediately to do a blood transfusion as soon as we could get to the clinic.

Once there, Abby saw Dr. Tascon who would oversee the transfusion. Eventually, after a few weeks, Abby’s red count went up, but so did her white count, in fact, it went through the roof. She was put on another antibiotic, she was still a very sick little girl. Through all of this, Dr. Tascon was there for Abby. He was so good with her we made a point of making appointments only when he was working. Most dogs are not excited about going to the vet, Abby wasn’t like that with Dr. Tascon and we wanted to ensure that she continued to look forward to car rides and visits to the office.

Eventually, after many appointments and tests, the numbers adjusted and both fell within the normal range. Today, Abby is a healthy, happy, spayed little girl who is full of energy and love, typical lab personality traits. While we worried constantly about Abby’s health, we never worried about her care at University. All of the staff, from the front desk to the techs to Dr. Tascon were wonderful and caring, exactly what a scared, sick stray needed at that time. We can’t thank everyone enough for taking such wonderful care of Abby.

Jeb P.

Your animal hospital has been a blessing to me from the first time I brought an animal to you. I recommend you to everyone and anyone who asks where I take my animals and always praise you highly. I always feel that each of you care for my pets and love them as if they were your own and are extremely thorough in all exams, treatments, observations and recommendations. I am profoundly grateful that I can bring both my pup and kitty to you for everything: well checks, illness, boarding, grooming, hospital boarding. To know that my pets will always be cared for by the same caring people each time makes leaving them with you so much less stressful for them and for me!! Thank you for the devotion and dedications you bring every day. You are indeed my “angels”.

Happy New Year Everybody!!

Gratefully, Mara

Every person and service associated with University Animal Hospital is outstanding and now offering home delivery of food and prescriptions just tops the list. It is a god send for me to be able to order Chesska’s food in large quantities and have it delivered to the front door. The delivery fee is nominal compared with making the choice of feeding a lesser product because I have run out of time to pick it up or my husband is not around to do the heavy lifting. I have also ordered her meds and I am thrilled with the service. Most of all, Chesska gets what she needs and on time. It is an easy service on-line or on the phone and has worked 100%.

Thank you,

Stephanie R.

The staff is always friendly and helpful and the office is always clean and welcoming. Doctors and staff have very good patience and show great hospitality. University Animal Hospital has the best customer service and best care for me and my pets.

Elisha R.

Dr. Evan Ware is the most friendly and knowledgeable professional I have ever encountered. Not only does he genuinely have a love for animals, but his comforting demeanor and smile immediately puts you at ease. I took my cat Benji in for all his kitten services and continue to reach out to Dr. Ware every time I am worried about something and he immediately is helpful and caring. I can’t say enough wonderful things about Dr. Ware. I highly recommend University Animal Hospital to care for your little loved one!


Nicole F.

We have been to a couple doctors at the University Animal Hospital and have always been very satisfied with their service. Our dog Rowdy had surgery at this clinic and to our extreme surprise the doctor called around 8:00 pm to see how our little doggie was doing after surgery. Rowdy made a speedy recovery.

Our dog was 14 years old when we finally had to have him put to sleep and the clinic helped us with that as well. They gave us a plaque with his name on it and his paw print. The staff really cares about our pets and the owners too. When we get another dog, I will seek their council to find the best pet for us.

I find the staff to be professional, understanding, caring, and helpful. I would recommend them to all my friends.


To the Doctors and Staff of University Animal Hospital:

We have been clients of University Animal Hospital for over 30 years. We have seen it grow from a small veterinary clinic started by Dr. Thomas Gus to a state of the art veterinary hospital with the ability to treat any type of medical condition. The facilities are always clean and both myself and our doggies are greeted by the friendly members of the University Animal Hospital team each time we visit. The doctors are the Best in the Veterinary business. They have a genuine compassion about our pets and their healthcare. We have enjoyed raising 5 puppies starting off their great care with the Puppy Plan at the Hospital. They have received the highest level of care throughout their years and healthy long lives being managed by the doctors at University Animal Hospital. They have overseen our pet’s care during crisis situations. Dr. Gus waited for us at 10:30 pm one evening when our German Shephard was struck by a car and fully recovered from his injuries thanks to his care. Dr. Flegeneheimer assisted our Lab through a serious bout of pneumonia with tender loving care. We have had to put 3 of our dogs down after the battle of old age. The compassion and caring they showed us during this period was amazing – even giving us a small clay footprint as a keepsake. The medical service and customer service is outstanding. I will remain a devoted customer of University Animal Hospital for years to come. Thanks to all the doctors and staff for being available for our four-legged family!

I have been a customer of University Animal Hospital for over a decade, and I would like to comment on how good the hospital staff has been to me over the years. The front desk staff are very helpful & caring. They know my pets by name and ask how they are doing. They’ve given me sympathetic hugs when I’ve needed one and I have always felt they cared about me, and my animals.

The same is true of the doctors on staff. Especially Dr. Bastek who has spent a lot of time helping two of my cats through multiple health issues. I know she not only cares about Oliver and Callie, but she thinks about them even after our appointment is over and she has researched the best medications to prescribe. I believe she has saved both their lives more than once.

The nurse technicians are friendly and caring, but also so professional I feel they would be up to par with any nurses at any major hospital for people. They take their responsibilities seriously and are extremely careful. They are also good listeners when I describe the health issues my pet is having. This makes me feel reassured that I can trust when I leave a pet at University Animal Hospital that my pet is receiving the absolute best care available.

I would like to thank all the staff at University Animal Hospital for everything they have done for me and my pets. I really do appreciate it, every time I visit.

Dear University Animal Hospital Dr.s and Staff..

I recently had to have my dog put down to rest. He was a yellow Labrador. He was 14 years old.  His name was Bear Driscoll. We often called him Bearzy. He spent most of his life in our big back yard. He loved to chew on wood and all the flowers when he was just a pup. He ate the same food twice a day most if the time and an occasional bacon burger or steak. He loved to play catch and when it rained he would try to catch the rain in his big ol mouth..He would run back and forth for hours chasing the rain.. He loved the outside we know because when invited in he would love to get a hug or two but then lay down until he got to play outside again. It was such a simple life .He guarded our house and kids with three different barks each one a different tone to let me know the different things he saw.. fireworks, cars, cats and strangers. Although he never said an English word he spoke so clear each morning when he greeted me for a new day..He was so content to know we were here and he was the guard. As the days were long and the years grew shorter he began to look more like a person who had learned a trade in School and then retired after a very long successful career. He was very healthy and very strong. He only had a cold a time or two. He was never a bother or a burden. He was the very best friend I ever knew..

When his time had began to come and he could no longer run and play..I want to say that he was so treated with all the love and respect that he deserved..Your Dr.s gave him medicine and to the end the day we had to let him go.. your staff was so very kind and each and every one of them made sure he was treated like a King. I know they will remember him and he will remember them and more importantly we will never forget how kind you treated us. I can’t express all the kind words or deeds like making sure you found the medicine for the best price and knowing that even though we didn’t have money to spare we could still make him feel we all cared.

I wish we could tell everyone our experience.

We all Thank you with all our hearts for taking the Best care of the Best ever friend & memory in the whole world..XOX Bearzy Driscoll and his family..