Take Your Dog To Work Day

June 22 is National Take Your Dog to Work Day! This day can be such a fun experience for both pet, owner and office members, but not everyone is allowed to enjoy this day. We thought we would go through some of the great “jobs” dogs can have and reverse the rolls for Take Your Human to Work Day.

Fire Dog

The brave few who risk their lives to run into burning buildings to save the people inside. They go through extensive training and know how to handle these extreme situations. Plus how cute are dalmations?

Police Dog

Another dog occupation that is crucial to the upkeep and safety of our communities. These dogs learn how to sniff out dangerous substances, attack the enemy and help during investigations.

Service Dog

Service dogs are there to help their human entirely. Anywhere from seeing eye dogs to dogs that help with seizures. If you own or know someone who owns a service dog you know how important they are!

Hospital/Therapy Dog

These are the dogs you sometimes see in nursing homes or around hospitals. They are there to help cheer the patients up, because these places can sometimes get depressing. Sometimes all you need is a puppy snuggle to get you feeling better.


Movie Star Dog

Beethoven, Buddy, Marley, Benji, Toto, Lassie, Petey and so many more! Not to mention all our animated favorites. These pups have made it big time, becoming household names and favorites throughout the generations.

Herding/Farm Dog

Then you have the dogs that put in long hours on the farm, herding sheep and cows, and keeping their farmers company out in the fields. These dogs also double as hunting dogs, sometime helping to bring in the animals.


Rescue/Mountain Dog

These are the pups that patrol the colder regions, looking out for avalanches and hurt winter sportsmen. They start their training from a very young age and need to acclimate to the cold temperatures quickly, this is why St. Bernards, Huskies and Labs are perfect for the job.

Stay At Home Dog

Last but not least, the stay at home dog. Maybe it’s a mama with her babies or maybe it’s just a little couch dog to keep you company. This job is important too and we get so much love from our pets!

We hope everyone who gets to take their dog to work has an enjoyable day, and for those of you who have working pups, we appreciate all they do for the community. If you ever have questions about your pet’s health, please call us at 480.968.9275 or visit us online to make an appointment.