Summer Fun for Your Pets

Summer fun is not just meant for adults and kids, there are actually many things you can get your pet involved in too! Don’t just leave them behind at home hogging up the air conditioning, take them swimming, to a day-care, or to enjoy some good food.

Here are some different options on how to keep your pets active this summer!

A dip in the pool

Who doesn’t like going in the pool on a hot summer day? Open the doors and let your pet join in on the fun. Even if your pet does not like being in the water, they will enjoy sitting next to the pool and being with you! Get them a new water toy that sprinkles in your yard or make a little shady cooling area for them. There are so many great options just by using your backyard area. For those living in an apartment space, try purchasing a little kiddie pool for your balcony, so your animals can sit, relax, or drink some water in the sun.


Yes, there is a thing such as daycare for your pets. The prices range from $30-$70 a day, depending on where it is located. This is a great option for you to do once a week to make sure your animal gets some social time, a nice groom, can make some friends, and give you a free day to get some things done. Pets are truly like our children so don’t always leave them home alone..

Pet Friendly Food Places

Are you looking for new places to eat out this summer? There are actually so many places you can bring your animals to this summer. If there is a new place you want to try out, visit their website or give them a call ahead of time to ask about their rules and regulations before bringing your pet along. Look into food places that have an outdoor area. In the summer, some places have misters to keep down the heat so come prepared with water, snacks, toys, and a always find some shade for your pet.

There are so many other fun things you can plan for your pet this summer, but the best option to chose is QUALITY TIME. Share your summer plans with us on our Facebook page.