ThinkstockPhotos-504030235The doctors and staff at University Animal Hospital believe that proper nutrition is essential for a long, healthy life for your pet. Feeding the wrong amounts of protein, vitamins and other nutrients can be harmful to your pet. We trust Hills Pet Nutrition to provide the exact amounts of protein, vitamins and important nutrients for your pet’s food. We carry most of the Hills products in our Pet Deli and if need be, we can special order what we don’t carry on hand.

Many of our doctors and staff have toured the Hills plant and know how well they research and test their food so that each type of food is perfectly balanced with the proper nutrition. Visit Hills Science Diet to learn more.

Our doctors do not promote the use of raw diets as they contain too much protein and can cause kidney problems later in life. If you have questions please contact us at 480-968-9275 and a doctor can discuss with you the importance of proper pet nutrition.

Request your medical appointment online here. If you’re a new client, please fill out our online form and bring it in for a 10% discount (not valid for surgeries).


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