Senior Pets


The entire month of November is dedicated to promoting senior pets. Often times people skip over senior pets at the shelters or adoptions sites because they think they are not as fun or well behaved. In this blog we will talk all about the benefits of a senior pet, and why November is such an important month for them.


Every November, the ASPCA promotes the adoption of senior pets from shelters and pounds. Typically a pet is considered to be a senior once they reach the age of seven. Of course this varies by size of the breed as often times larger dogs have shorter life spans. Senior pets are not always appealing to people because they think they will be too much maintenance or won’t be able to train the dog the way the family wants. While these things can sometimes be true, there is a place for a senior pet.


Senior pets have passed the puppy stage, the stage where everything gets destroyed and there are accidents all over the house. Senior pets also require much less attention and activity, as they are not able to move around as well anymore. We believe senior pets can be a perfect fit for a home with an elderly person or even a busier, working person who doesn’t want to be bothered with the training and initial high energy of a puppy.


One thing to consider if you are going to adopt a senior dog is the extra vet care. This is not to say that all senior pets will have expensive vet bills, but because of their age, we recommend more frequent visits to ensure everything’s running smoothly for them and more serious issues do not arise.


Many times, people think that age in pets is a disease and makes them less attractive, however this is not the case. Senior pets can provide just as much love and happiness to a family. If you are considering adding a new member to your family, consider a senior pet! If you have any questions about senior pets and if they would be a good fit for your family, please contact us at (480) 968-9275