Poison Prevention Week


Are you ready to pet-proof your house? It is Poison Prevention Week and it is the perfect time to discuss what in your house could actually be toxic to your animal! We all know the basics: no chocolate for your dogs or certain flowers for animals, but here is a list of five poisonous items that may be hiding around your home! Let’s take advantage of this week to make a change!

  1. Prescription medication for humans!

Try to keep your meds locked away in a high cabinet and do not leave them out and in reach of your animals! Anti-inflammatory and pain medications may work for you, but they can cause stomach problems and ulcers in your animals. Any antidepressants can cause vomiting for your animal, which can then result in a seizure. Always keep blood pressure medication away from your pet. Advil and over the counter drugs are also terrible for the health of your pet. Even though this might sound like common knowledge, take this time to check up on your household drugs and see if you can move them to a safer place.

  1. Insecticides and pet medications

You may think these things are helping your pet get better, but they can also be a danger. While treating your animal with flea and tick medicine (shampoo’s or actual drugs), be very careful with how much they ingest. If they ingest too much of the medication or smell of the shampoo, it can harm them. Just like any human, too much of one medication can cause some stomach issues. Make sure you know how much of what medication to give them before moving forward.

  1. Household & Lawn products

Cleaners to fire logs, household products can be our best friend, but our animals enemy! Bleach can be poisonous to people and animals, which can lead to many stomach issues and respiratory tract problems. Not only can it lead to certain stomach issues, but it can also lead to chemical burns and depression for your animal. This is the same for any plant food or lawn product you may use. Make sure to find a safe place to hide these items away from your animal and make sure your animal cannot dig up these products in your yard.

  1. Food only for humans!

There are many foods your animal shouldn’t eat, but here are some of the most important: chocolate, alcohol, avocado, macadamia nuts, grapes, raisins, and fake sugar (found in sugar-free gum). These can all cause vomiting, diarrhea, liver failure, or even death. Use this time to go check your pantry to see where you are putting all of these foods and if they are easily accessible to your animals.

  1. Plants

Yes, you can still plant these plants, but we suggest not in the ground. A good pot on a higher table would be just fine! Keep your animals away from azaleas, rhododendrons, tulips, daffodils, and sago palms, as these are very dangerous! In general, keep your animal away from digging up your garden at all. These are just a few plants that can cause stomach problems, increased heart rate, and many other issues!

Did your animal still get into something that caused some issues for them and panic in you? Call the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center at (888) 426- 4435. They can answer any questions you may have and provide guidance. Call an emergency vet right away if your animal can’t wait. We hope these tips helped and kept you informed of the possible dangers in your home!