Phonophobia and Your Pet: How to Help Your Dog Deal with Noise Phobia on Halloween

Phonophobia is a very real condition that involves fear of strange sounds. Dogs can hear sounds around 4 times further away than a human could hear them. They hear much higher pitches and a wider range of frequencies. Ultimately, that’s a lot of noise to deal with a process. And this can make dogs very nervous or even frightened by strange and frequent noises like those on Halloween. This can lead to excessive barking, problems with digestion and breathing or apparent anxiety. Making what should be a happy occasion unpleasant for both you and your dog.

Why is Halloween any different?

On Halloween, many neighborhoods are alive with commotion. People are knocking on doors throughout the neighborhood again and again. Children and adults are walking around, often through people’s yards, rattling leaves. People are making strange noises with devices and their mouths to sound like ghouls, witches, superheroes and robots. Since these are not normal everyday sounds they can be very confusing to a dog who considers her job to be protecting you and your home.

What will help keep my dog calm and unafraid?

1. Enjoy the great outdoors – If you are passing out candy and there are multiple people in your home, take turns sitting on the porch and filling bags from outside. The helps avoid the constant knocking or doorbell.

2. Watch a movie with your dog – The noise from an action or scary movie can help put the noise in a new context, so it doesn’t seem so strange. Your dog probably doesn’t mind the TV at normal volume and the outside noise will just blend into something that is familiar to your dog.

3. Play a happy tune – Play your dog’s favorite CD or the radio. Just like the TV, this will bring noise into the home, so that she is less aware of the noise outside.

4. Dance with your dog – Although you may not be able to keep it up all night, dancing is great exercise for you and your dog. Any activity that you can do with your dog will help keep him focused on you and your family instead of what’s going on outside.

5. Give your dog something new – When your pet gets something new, all of his attention is placed on that new toy. This can help the outside noise fade into the distance. If you have enough room, you can even play a short game of fetch with smaller dogs to keep them distracted. And it’s great exercise for you as well.

6. Keep candy out of reach – If your dog is already scared, you don’t want her sick too. Make sure that candy bowls are high and away. Otherwise that bowl of snickers may look like dinner.

7. Crate your dog – Hopefully, this isn’t your first choice, but cialis glaucome crating a dog in a back bedroom or in the basement with a light and radio or TV on so that he doesn’t feel so alone can help. Give your dog lots of affection before and after, so that he doesn’t think this is punishment for natural dog behavior.

8. Use comfort garments – Everyone including your dog needs a hug sometimes, and there is a very good reason for this. Pressure around the chest area such as that which would be applied in a hug naturally reduces anxiety. There are stress-relieving dog vests on the market that help your dog cope with anxiety such as that caused by noise phobia. According to PetMeds: These garments “uses gentle, constant pressure on your pet’s torso (just like a constant hug) to help calm your pet. Much in the same way that swaddling comforts newborn babies”

9. Take your dog for a walk – The unknown is largely what makes the dog nervous. Try taking your dog for a walk as the night begins or sitting outside with her (on a leash of course) so that she can see what all of this strange noise is.


Try these tips to keep your dog’s Halloween stress level down for a happy health dog and great Halloween for your family.