Pet Health Spring Checklist

Not only is Spring Cleaning important in the home, but it is also important for your pet. Here are five easy tips on how to protect your animals this Spring.

Start Heartworm Preventives

Your pet should be on heartworm preventatives year round. This disease could cause heart failure and lead to death if it is not treated right away. Treatment can be costly and difficult, so it is important to begin with prevention. If you do not remember the treatments your pet has had, ask your doctor to run a blood test to see if it is in their system before taking the next step.

Start a Flea and Tick Preventives

This really depends where you are located and where you call home. It can stop during winter months, but pick up again during spring and summer. Ticks can carry many diseases like Lyme Disease. Flea Infestations can be very expensive in your home when it comes to hiring an exterminator. Only some pet insurance companies can help cover this prevention. A healthy pet equals a healthy home.

A Trip to the Groomer

Did you know that warmer temperatures can turn into shedding? You need to help your animals clean themselves by treating them with a day to the groomer. It can be done at your house or even by a professional. Consider your animals nails as well to make sure they are not too sharp or breaking.

Update Vaccines

Warmer weather can mean more excursions to places where animals are welcome. If you spend time with your pet outside or at dog parks, make sure they are updated on all their vaccinations.

Limit their Exposure to Spring Toxins

Make sure the products you are using on your lawn, such as fertilizers and different flowers, are safe for your animal. Even if those spring florals are beautiful, they can be awfully dangerous and toxic. Make sure you are watching your animals at all times when outside.

These are just five of the many things you can do for your pet during this spring transition. If you have anymore questions regarding a spring check up, visit us at