November Boarders of the Month…Shelby & Oreo

Introducing the November boarders of the month…Shelby and Oreo Mee! Keep reading to find out more about them.


Owner’s Testimonial:

“I like to board at University Animal Hospital because it feels like a second home for them. I’ve been a client for over 18 years and they have always come home happy. I would never take them anywhere else.”

Staff comments:

“They are both super sweet! Shelby loves to cuddle on your lap and Oreo is a rambunctious little ball of adorableness!”

“Oreo loves to run around the yard when I try to bring her inside from her walks. She thinks its funny when I can’t catch her”

“Oreo and Shelby are both full of energy and love to sniff around the yard. It always fun spending time in the yard with them for their TLC time.”

“Very active, happy, and playful. We can’t wait to see them again”

“Oreo is so fast and she loves to run! She’s always so happy when she gets Shelby to chase her! They both love to play.”

“Shelby is sweet and he loves to be pet. Oreo is fun to run around with in the yard.”

“Shelby and Oreo are both so cute! Shelby is the perfect lap dog and Oreo loves to play.”

“Oreo got her spay with us and it was sooo cute so see her with the tiniest cone running around!”