National Superhero Day

It is National Superhero Day and this is the perfect time to celebrate your pets! This day was created to help recognize the “superhero” in your life and to thank them for all that they do. Not only do humans need a mental health day with a pedicure or massage, pets need to be pampered too! After all, they do so much for us and are true superheroes!

Here are three ways to celebrate your pet’s superpowers.

Getting Active

Have a pool day! Bring your pet outside to enjoy the sun and let them take a dip in the water. Or take them for a walk and let them lead the way! A Superhero can’t go anywhere without his sidekick, so why not share this time together.

Toys and Family Time

Does your pet’s toy bin seem a little empty? Even though a few toys may be enough, pamper your animal with something new that you both can play with. Pets, like humans, love little gifts too!  These toys are sure to keep the Superhero happy.

Annual Checkups

The best way you can take care of your superhero pet is by bringing them in to see us! Annual check-ups are so important for your pet’s health to make sure they are up to “superhero” speed. Visit us online to schedule an appointment.

We hope you find some ways to celebrate National Superhero Day with your pet. After all, how else can you thank them for their unconditional love.