National Mutt Day

National Mutt Day is on July 31st, and it’s all about celebrating our mixed breed dogs. So many of us chose to adopt dogs from shelters, where most of the animals there are mixed breeds. Those of us with mutts will tell you that they’ve got a ton of personality and so much love. Maybe we’re just a little biased.


What is National Mutt Day?

National Mutt Day is all about educating people about the many mixed breed dogs that are living in shelters across the country, waiting for their forever homes. Nearly 80% of the dogs in shelters are mutts. Pure breeds that end up in shelters are rescued quicker because people are looking for a less expensive option, or pure breed rescues pick them up.


Mixed breeds, the ultimate family dog

For a long time, mutt’s have been given a bad rep, but we know they have so much potential. Mutts are known to be more loving and loyal, making them the perfect family pet. Unfortunately, a lot of people go into shelters looking for aesthetically appealing pups, not realizing that mutts can be healthier and live longer than pure breeds. When getting a dog from a shelter, focus on your chemistry with them, instead of how they look.


If you and your family have been talking about adding a pet to the family, consider celebrating National Mutt Day. Spend some quality time at the shelter with the family, and find the right dog for you. If you can’t adopt, consider volunteering your time at the shelter, and educating others on the wonderful pets that the shelter has to offer. If you have any questions on National Mutt Day, you can call us at 480-968-9275.