Mother’s Day Gifts for the Dog Lover

Is someone in your life a major dog lover or pet lover in general? Then Mother’s Day is the most perfect time to celebrate them! You do not need a child in order to be a mother. Pet moms are equally as important, so let’s give them all the credit in the world! Here is a list of five different gifts perfect for the dog lovers in your life.

Pet Totes/Transportation

This may sound silly, but is so perfect since it is almost summer! This works best for smaller animals but you can find a pet carrying tote or stroller on Amazon or Ebay. It makes it easier to bring your dog with you and make sure they are not getting too friendly with any local trees. This is a better investment for animals that plan on staying small! In the summer, it eases some of the stress of carrying your dog when your hands are full! Hot asphalt, due to Arizona’s hot summers, can cause pain on your pet’s paws, so plan ahead and order a pet tote as your Plan B!

Framed Prints

This idea can win over anyone’s heart! Why? Who doesn’t love a framed picture of their animal?

You can order cheap, but quality prints from websites such as Artifact Uprising and have them delivered to your door. It is easy and has meaning! You can pick up frames from your local community store and voila, you are done!


This might be the ultimate Mother’s Day gift for your dog mom friend. This cube allows the mom to interact with her fur babies even when she is not home! This is every dog mom’s dream come true. This might be the pricer option, but so worth it. It will allow for you to keep tabs on the animal, speak to them, and even ignite a small lazer so you can play games with them, no matter where you are!

Look alike cookie cutters

Yes, this is real! You can send in a picture of your animal and they will create a custom cookie cutter with your pet’s name on it. There is no better way to wake up your friend on Mother’s Day and have dog shaped cookies or pancakes waiting for her. There are so many different pet friendly cookie recipes online too, so your animal can join in on all the fun.

Matching T-Shirts

Surprise her on Mother’s Day with matching shirts for her and her furry friend! There is no better way to celebrate a friendship. She can bring a little bit of her pet no matter where she goes when she wears this shirt.

What do you think? Are you going to use any of these ideas for Mother’s Day. Leave a comment on our Facebook page and let us know what your Mother’s Day plans are.