Did you know your pet can save lives by donating blood?

Usually people are encouraged to donate blood and save lives; pets can save other canine lives too. Pets who donate blood can help dogs and cats with injuries, transfusions, and medical emergencies. Read more to learn how dogs and cats that donate are saving lives and how your pet can help too.

Pets can have infections just like a human, and blood transfusions can save a life in an emergency situation from a dog or cat that donated blood.

According to the Dogington Post, typical requirements for donating blood are healthy dogs and cats between the ages of one and nine years. The donors must have a healthy weight of 35 pounds or more and must be spayed or neutered, with no history of pregnancy. The donor must be taking a heartworm preventative, cannot have a history of disease, and cannot be taking any medication.

Unlike human blood, canine blood only has a shelf life of about 30 to 35 days. A pet can donate every two months, so routine donors are a necessity.

All blood donations are also sorted by blood types like humans. After the initial donation you will learn your pet’s blood type. Dogs have multiple blood types and cats have four different blood types: A, B, AB, and Mik.

The process for a pet to donate blood includes lots of love and attention from the technician and is around 10 to 30 minutes. The cat or dog is placed on the table laying on their side throughout the donation. A small patch of fur on the neck is shaved and a tiny needle is used for the blood collection.

The moment the donation begins, the pet’s body begins to produce more blood to replace the donated blood. Just like humans, the donors are given lots of water and tasty treats immediately after the donation. The typical recovery time for pets is much quicker than a human’s after donating, although, each pet’s recovery is different. Some donors may feel sluggish and weak while others have no reaction at all. Overall, dogs recover much more quickly from a blood donation than humans do.

Dogs and cats can save lives too through donating blood. If you have any questions on the information provided or want to know more about your pet donating blood, please make an appointment online or call us at (480) 968-9275.