January Pet of the Month: Oscar

Boarder of the Month: Oscar Young

Owner’s Testimonial:
“Oscar loves it here! He gets so excited to come here and knows every time when we need to drop him off and he cant wait to get out of the car once he gets here. One of the reasons I love it here is I know that he is safe. I use to take him to a different boarding facility that allowed all of the dogs to play together and he was attacked by another dog. Since then I have only boarded him here where he is separate from other dogs, which is great because he gets one on one attention and tons of love from the staff. He’s been coming to University Animal Hospital  for years now and I love the peace of mind to know that he will be taken care of while I am gone.”

Staff comments:
“I always love when Oscar comes to visit! He is a big playful dog that is still a puppy at heart! I love to play “soccer” with him in the yard because his favorite toys here are always our big ball toys. We’ll kick it around and play keep away with each other. I will admit, he wins more often than me.”

“Oscar is so sweet! I love playing tug-o-war with him! I love when he stays with us.”

“Oscar has so much energy, it seems no matter how long we play together he can always last longer than me and still wants keep playing for hours after. I can always be sure to be covered by his slobber by the end of it too. He is such a great dog!”

“He is such a lovable goofball. Always happy to see us and always ready to play.”

“I feel like I’ve watched Oscar grow up and its been so fun to care for him over the years. I’m lucky that he is a frequent boarder because it’s allowed me to grow such a strong bond with him. This place wouldn’t be the same without him!”

“Oscar is always very funny and playful. He’s great at the “Mannequin Challenge”; when I walk by his kennel he would get up and then freeze. Then only his eyes would move to follow me as I passed his kennel. It always makes me laugh. I think he’s a favorite for almost everyone here.”

“Oscar is a big sweetheart. He loves to run around the yard with his favorite toy ball and beat me at a game of tug-o-war! I love every time he comes to board with us ”

“Once you have his trust, you are accepted into Oscar’s world! He is just full of personality and is a very smart guy. He lets you know when he needs an extra potty break and exactly when he is ready to come back in and get back to his nap. He greets you with a wagging nubby tail and loves to play tug-o-war! You can’t help but smile watching him bounce around the play yards chasing his toys.”

“I love having Oscar around! He is always so happy and excited, especially when we play ball! He is also a big lap dog who loves his hugs and cuddles. He is such a sweet boy!”