Holiday Hazards

Can you believe the holidays are here again? It seems like just yesterday we were ringing in 2017 and now it’s almost over. With the holidays comes a lot of hazards for our pets that we may not always be thinking of because of all the other things that are going on. So here we are as a friendly reminder to protect your pets from hazards that might bring them into the vet during this busy season.

Christmas Trees

Animals are curious creatures and a Christmas Tree is the most fascinating object of all. With lights and ornaments and even water for live trees, there are lots of areas an animal can get into that will cause serious problems. It is best to not allow your pets into the room with the tree at all, but if that isn’t possible, just be more aware. Don’t hang ornaments low on the tree where a dog or cat could pull them off and always watch for them chewing on lights or drinking water from the stand (if you have a real tree). The lights can cause serious electrocution and the water can be poisonous and cause serious internal problems.   


Things like tinsel, bows on packages or poinsettias can be extremely dangerous if ingested. It is important to keep these things off the ground or at levels where pets can’t easily reach them and potentially eat them.

Ice Melt

If you happen to be going somewhere cold, keep in mind that ice melt or ice salt, which is used to clear sidewalks or icy surfaces outside, can be potentially harmful if it is ingested by a dog or cat. Keep this in mind when you are walking them or playing outside. Especially for people from Arizona where we do not commonly use this stuff, it is easy to forget it is used in cooler climates.


Just like with Thanksgiving, the winter holiday season is time for rich and indulgent meals with family and friends. However, dogs and cats cannot handle the same types of foods that humans can. Even though we want to, it is important to remind family and friends to not feed the animals scraps from their plates. Rich foods and deserts are harsh on animals internal organs and can cause huge problems later on.


Hopefully this information has refreshed your brain so you can be more aware of the hazards in your home this holiday season. If your pet does get into some trouble, please give us a call at (480) 968-9275 and we would be happy to get them back to health as soon as possible.