Halloween Precautions for Pet Owners

Orange Plastic BucketHalloween is all about tricks and treats, but when it comes to your pets, you should leave the tricks out of it. Halloween candy is great for you and your family but can pose a real danger to pets if they get a hold of it. Follow our tips to keep your pets safe during this spooky holiday.

Keep Pets Indoors

When pet owners think of Halloween precautions to take for their pets, the obvious usually come to mind: no chocolate. The security shouldn’t stop there, though. Halloween night is likely one of the busiest times of the year in your otherwise quiet neighborhood. Between families out enjoying the holiday together and children going house to house for treats, there is about to be a lot of extra foot traffic in your area. If your dog usually spends time outdoors, this can be stressful for them, and even potentially dangerous. Halloween is known for pranks, and unfortunately, they can be targeted toward defenseless animals. Before festivities begin, bring your cat or dog indoors to prevent strangers from handing out harmful treats to your animals. To keep them away from the treats you’re handing out to neighborhood children, try to seclude your pets to a bedroom for the night.

Candy Isn’t The Only Danger

Food danger includes more than candy. For instance, the most popular home decoration this fall are pumpkins. While pumpkin is healthy for pups in moderation, a carved pumpkin can be hazardous to them for a few reasons. After sitting in the Arizona sun, a raw pumpkin will start to rot. If your dog consumes a decaying pumpkin it can cause troublesome digestive issues. Other fall decor that dogs can eat include things like hay and corn. Take precaution while decorating your home this season and ensure none of these edible decorations are in your dog’s space.

Trick-or-Treat Candy

The best part of Halloween is the most dangerous to our pets, and that’s the goodies the kids get while out trick-or-treating. A bag of sweet candy is completely irresistible to us, as well as our treat-hungry pets. Remember the following after candy is brought home at the end of the night:

  • Immediately transfer the candy into a sealed container that cannot be tampered with, either by paws or teeth.
  • Store the container in a high, hard to reach place. This will also help your dog resist temptation if they don’t know where the candy is.
  • Put the candy back every time you get it out to ensure it isn’t left out on accident.

Remember, in addition to chocolate, there are a few food dangers that can cause your dog harm. Raisins are toxic to dogs and should be kept away at all times. Also, make sure all wrappers or sucker sticks are promptly thrown away to avoid choking hazards.

This Halloween, keep your pets safe and out of harm’s way by following our tips on candy and food safety. If you have any questions or concerns about your pet’s safety, reach out to our vets today!