Gear Up For Fall



Just like the weather and seasons can affect humans, your pets can feel the changes as well. It is important to remember your pets as the seasons change, even if the change is not as drastic in your home as it is in other places. Here are our three biggest tips to keep your pets happy this Fall.



Allergies can be a big problem for pets. Usually a simple bath will help sooth the itchiness or irritation that comes from allergies, but it may not be enough. If your pet still seems uncomfortable and is sneezing or scratching a lot, medication may be the next option. Check with your vet to know the best dose of Benadryl or other medication to give your pet.



It is important to keep your pet groomed. This not only cuts down on discomfort for the animal, but for the owner as well. Daily brushing, weekly baths and trips to the groomer will all help keep your pet happy and healthy! But remember, don’t cut off too much hair as your little furry friend might get cold as the weather changes. And if you do have to heavily groom your pet, make sure they have a comfy, warm place to hangout, like a new bed or blanket.


Hazardous Food

Fall usually means lots of sweets and savory foods, but we have to remember that these are not always the best for our pets. As Halloween and Thanksgiving approach, it is important to be mindful of where your pets are and what they could be getting into to avoid stomach issues.
Fall is such a fun season and so much can be done, but it is important to remember to take care of our pets just as we would take care of ourselves. If you ever have questions about your pet’s health, please make an appointment by calling (480) 968-9275 or visiting us online.