Why Does My Dog Kick After He Poops?

Dogs are so much fun to watch, especially when trying to decipher why they do certain things. So your dog just used the bathroom and now he is doing the “post poop kicking.” Why, you might ask would a dog do such a strange thing? We thought we could help clear up any confusion or common misconceptions. You cannot always control your animal’s silly habits, so it’s best to learn the reason behind why they do what they do.

We know that wastes can be a dog’s calling card in the wild. The reason for the frantic kicking? This is your dog’s way of trying to hide the evidence. Dogs doing this might appear to be sneaking and trying to stay low profile.

But dogs doing the “post poop kicking” do not usually seem submissive. They are kicking to be assertive. They want to put out in the world what they have done, not hide it. As dog’s mark their territory, they are doing the same by putting the “paw down” after doing the number 2. It is like puppy graffiti. Other dogs tend to stay away from other dog’s businesses and territories.

If your dog starts tearing up the grass, then you can try redirecting their attention to something else. You can do this by giving them a treat or an incentive. If your dog realizes you are watching them, they will most likely stop this behavior! For more information on fun dog habits, visit www.universityvet.com