College Mascots

College mascots can be the pride and joy for college students and sports team fans. We love them even more when they represent our friends, dogs and cats. A lot of these mascots are even represented by real animals that are surely treasured and well kept! What a life it would be to be a mascot.

When it comes to dog mascots, the bulldog is definitely the fan favorite. Besides a few lower division colleges, the bulldog is the only dog that gets the honor of representing a school. Some of the most notable bulldogs are from the University of Gonzaga in Washington, Yale University in Connecticut and University of Georgia in Georgia. Do you have a favorite bulldog mascot?



Gonzaga- “Spike”


Yale- “Handsome Dan”

Georgia- “Uga”

*fun fact, all of the bulldogs to represent UofG since 1956 have been from the same line of English Bulldogs owned by Sonny Seiler*


Now onto the cats. Although domestic cats are not typically used as mascots, their close relatives. Oftentimes these mascots are also in live form and are taken very good care of by their schools.



Louisiana State University- Mike VII

*Mike VII was recently introduced to campus and has a large enclosure in which he stays. He was donated to the university by a rescue, as were a few of the previous Mikes.


University of Arizona- “Wilbur & Wilma”

*although being so close to Arizona State University, we can’t say we are partial to these guys*


BYU- “Cosmo”

Washington State University- “Butch T. Cougar”

*Named after Herbert “Butch” Meeker who was a star football player for WSU*

Maybe we mentioned one of your favorite teams! If we didn’t let us know what mascot is your favorite? And as always if your REAL dog or cat ever needs any veterinary assistance, please give us a call at (480) 968-9275 or visit our website.