Boarding Your Pet This Summer

Summer is here and I’m sure most of you have a plan to escape the Arizona heat at some point this season. If you are looking to board your pet this summer, we have some advice on making it the best experience you can for you and your pet. After all, going on vacation means unplugging and forgetting about your worries (and that includes your beloved animal).

Friends Who Board Together

Do you have a scared pup that needs the comfort of someone familiar? Find a best friend and board them together. We allow pets to be together in one kennel, being that they get along, of course. While your away, let your pet play with their best friend or maybe it’s even their brother/sister. We find that companion boarding is a great way for your pet to feel comfortable, while also having lots of fun.

Up To Date Vaccinations

Don’t wait until the last minute to know what your pet needs before bringing them to board. We have a few requirements for pets when they stay at University Animal Hospital and you can find all them by downloading the Boarding Requirements Form.  Knowing what you need beforehand will come in handy, as most vaccinations should be done at least one week before boarding your pet.

Visit the Facility

We strongly recommend a visit prior to the boarding drop off. Allow your pet to become acclimated with the smells, sounds and people at the boarding location. Opt for a tour and bring your pet along so you both can get the sense of comfort needed, especially if you are a first timer.

Treats Are Always a Good Idea

While we understand the desire to bring bedding and toys from home, we have learned that pets have little interest in personal items while they are boarding. So please refrain from bringing these items. But DO bring their favorite treat and we can give it to them during their stay. We also offer a Happy Hour kong or frozen Pupsicle.

These are just a few tips that are guaranteed to leave you and your pets happy. We also offer discounts if you stay over a certain amount of nights. So, if your summer vacation will be more than a week, check out what we can offer you. Visit for more information and to book your pets staycation.