Boarders of the Month: Rain, Sunny & Windy

Owner’s Testimonial:

I choose to board my pets here because I know they treat them like family which is the most important consideration for us. We always know they will be cared for just like they are at home which gives us peace of mind.

Staff comments:

“Rain is a goofball and Windy and Sunny are gentle, sweet, and loving. Windy can still have spurts of energetic spunk!”

“Sunny is so cute when he carries his blankets around. Windy loves her playtime in the yard. Rain is a lovable goofball.”

“Rain gives great hugs and kisses and has a sweet silly soul. Sunny is such a gentleman and loves being with his spunky friend Windy. They are two peas in a pod! Sunny loves carrying around his blanket so he can tuck himself in at night.”

“Sunny and Windy are such a happy pair. They both love to play! Sunny is a big lovable lap dog and Windy loves to give lots of kisses! Rain is such a sweet snuggle bug. He loves to play and then afterwards, loves to cuddle.”

“Rain is very sweet and loves to come out and play. He always has a big smile on his face along with Sunny and Windy. They are all very happy and sweet pups!”

“A great group of kids, love when they board with us. They are always happy to see you and give kisses. They love being out in the yard for their TLCs and I am always sad to see them go home!”

“This trio is quite the mix of different personalities, all great in their own way. It been so fun getting to know each of them and watching them get older. Rain is a spunky pup that likes to be independent but also won’t ever turn down some cuddle time. Windy is playful and will soak as much attention that you can give her. Sunny is best oversized lap dog, he just wants to be near you and he will be perfectly content. I can’t get enough of these 3 kiddos!”