Boarder of the Month: Mortarion Zepeda

“I love Mortarion! He always wants to come out and play. He loves cuddling with us and is definitely loves being around people!”

“Mortarion has one of the most unique personalities! He is adventurous, playful and loves our attention as much as I love giving it to him!”

“Mortarion is the sweetest cat! He is always happy to see everyone and very cuddling and loving. I love forward to seeing him whenever he boards with us.”

“He is just so sweet! He was such a fun personality and loves to be pet. I love when I come in and see that he is here because he can always put a smile on my face!”

“Mortarion is a great cat! He is always waiting for you to come in so he can say hi. He loves to eat and relax looking out the window. He is awesome and one of my favorites to spend time with when he is here.”

“Talk about a cat with character! I swear he makes the best facial expressions and is super spunky. He likes to sniff around and get to know the area around him but than he also will soak up all the attention you are willing to give. When you are there he’ll just rub his face on his condo until you come say hi to him.”

“He is an awesome cat, he is super sweet and cuddly and it doesn’t seem like anything will every make him angry because he’s always happy when he’s here.”

“Mortarion is one of a kind! Everything about him is unique, his colors, personality and name. He is unforgettable and I love when he’s here because if I was ever having a bad day, I could visit it him and I would always feel better.”