Boarder of the Month: Luca Ritz

Owner’s Testimonial:

“Quite honestly without the care and support from University Animal Hospital I most likely would not have added Luca as a new family member for my grandson Jack and myself. Since 8 weeks and 15 lbs. to 22 months and 154 lbs your facility has been an integral part of his life. I appreciate the extra attention by all of the staff and Roxanne in particular. He visits for day boarding nearly every Tuesday and he truly wakes up those days excited like he knows he is going to visit. I trust University explicitly when I am gone out of town 3 and sometimes 5 days at a time. The attention to detail, communication, reminders and personal interactions are greatly appreciated. From the front door to the kennels, to the exam rooms everyone appears to be on the same page. I highly recommend the facility to any and all that I come in contact with when talking pets.”

Staff comments:

“Luca is such a happy boy! I love his big smile and how he puts his big paws up on the counter to greet us when he arrives. He loves to sit pretty for treats on the scale because he is such a good boy! He also makes sure to go around to all the receptionists for hugs and back scratches before he goes back to play with his friends in the kennel. But most of all, I love his big heart!!”

“Luca is the sweetest giant! He makes me happy every time I get to see his adorable face. He is so well behaved and he loves to play ball with us during his TLCs! I love Luca.”

“He is such a goofball. I love to watch him play with one of our green balls that bounces a lot because he likes to pounce on it and chase it around the yard. I think it’s super funny when he get a big glob of drool on someone when he tries to give them love!”

“We all love Luca so much! He’s is really such a sweet guy. He definitely loves to play but hasn’t seem to grow into his body quite yet so he’s pretty goofy as he flops around the yard. But he is always such a big happy goofy guy!”

“I adore Luca. Talk about gentle giant! He has got so much love to give and he always wants to be around us. I love it when he stays with us.”

“Luca has great manners and is the best at playing ball. He is a beautiful boy with a big heart that never stops loving. I can’t help but smile every time I see his handsome face and he is always smiling back!”

“I love when I come in and Luca is boarding with us. He is contagiously happy and big love bug. I’m sure we could both spend hours playing in the yard together if we were able to.”

“Luca is such a blast! I love taking him out for his TLCs and playing fetch. He’s like a huge cat pouncing on the ball. He is one of my favorite boarders to love on!”

“It’s been so fun watching Luca grow up, he just seems to keep getting bigger and more lovable. He has such a charming puppy face that he never grew out of. It makes me feel so happy when he is excited to see me when I get him from the front like he remembers and is excited to have another fun day in boarding.”