Boarder of the Month: Goofy

Owner’s Testimonial:

“One day, out of no where, my mom found a little dog hiding inside an empty flower pot in front of her house. I advised her to take her inside, give her a little food and water and keep her until I got home. After a long day of work, I was excited to see this little dog but I could not believe what I was seeing. This poor little dog was skin and bones, malnourished, timid and scared of people. In fact, she was so scared, she barely ate any food my mom had offered her even though she was starving. However, as soon as I met her, she became a completely different dog… her tail started wagging, she gave me lots of kisses and she finally started eating and drinking water. We immediately connected and formed a special bond!

I’m not sure what Goofy’s life was like before she came to us but I imagine it was not a good one. She is very skittish, is scared of noises, big or small, and is aggressive towards men and other animals. Knowing this about her, it used to be very stressful for us anytime we went out of town and had to kennel her. We always made sure that a note was placed on her file so that the techs were aware to be cautious around her, especially men. We always felt guilty about leaving her in a kennel and pictured her being sad, lonely and depressed. However, we quickly realized that we have nothing to worry about.

Every time we drop Goofy off, the office always recognizes her. We always walk to the kennel with her and have seen her approach and greet each tech she walks by (it’s so cute to see her do this!). When we pick her up, the techs always tell us how they enjoyed taking care of, playing and spending time with her. Best of all, the techs have indicated that they have never had a problem with her, in fact, Jamie (one of the male techs) is one of her favorites.

It is a huge relief to know that Goofy is having a great time while she is at University Animal Hospital. We no longer have to worry about her or feel guilty when we go out of town, in fact, we no longer tell her she is going to the kennel, instead, we tell her she is going to the spa!

Thank you University Animal Hospital for taking such great care of Goofy!”

Staff comments:

“Goofy is such a sweetheart! She loves to give hugs! She loves to play and had a blast playing in the pool. She’s always so happy and I love her smile J”

“Goofy is one of my favorite boarders! She is such a sweet girl and loves cuddling during her TLC’s. I always get excited when I see that she will be coming in when I’m working.”

“I remember first meeting Goofy and she was very shy and cautious. She is now a whole new dog when she gets here and she has learned to trust us and is so affectionate. She knows she is safe, loved and spoiled here. I love to see her on her bed with her stuffed animals because she actually cuddles with them! I just have to crawl into her kennel and give her some extra love and cuddles because its just too cute! J”

“Goofy is such a great girl when she is here, very quiet and calm in her kennel but then full of energy on her walks and TLCs. I love her kisses!”

“This little girl is just adorable! She is the perfect mix of calm, sweet and cuddly but then also silly, rambunctious and well…Goofy once you take her into the yard. She always warms my heart because she is so happy to see you when you come to say hi to her and just wants to be around you as much as she can. I’ve loved getting to know Goofy and watching her personality blossom over the years.”

“Goofy is definitely unforgettable! She’s always quiet and curled up with her blanket and stuffed animal, but when she gets excited to see you she will jump up and give you the biggest hug! It’s so great seeing her come out of her shell with us and be a part of our family here!”

“I love cuddling with Goofy! She gets so excited to see us and it makes me so happy to see her wagging her tail so hard!”

“My favorite thing about Goofy was watching her play in the pool. I was thinking it was going to scare her and that she would hate it but it was quite the opposite! She was a little curious and slow at first and then once she realized what it was, she jumped right in. She was splashing around and being silly it actually made me laugh out loud. This precious dog is quite the gem! I’m so glad she came to us so we could build bonds with her.”