Boarder of the Month: Baldwin Nelson


Owner’s Testimonial:

“Hi, my name is Baldwin and I’m a Sphynx cat. My brother is a Golden Retriever named Max who I like to play with all the time. When my Mom and Dad go traveling, Max stays home and his Golden Retriever girlfriend and her mom come to stay with him. Since the other dog doesn’t like me, I get to go to the University Animal Hospital, where I have my own luxury suite with a view to the bird feeder outside and to the activities inside! It’s like I’m on vacation, too!!

My parents are so grateful that I am safe and taken good care of while I’m on my vacay at UAH. All the staff spoil me and dote on me to no end. I just love it!! I am such a people cat that if I had to be left alone by myself I don’t know what I would do. When I am not playing with the staff, I either watch the birds, munch on my food or sleep wrapped up in my blanket. My parents receive email updates on me, so I try to be on my best behavior. They have no worries…I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else when they are gone!”

Staff comments:

“Baldwin is one of my favorite cats! He is so sweet and loves all the attention he can get. He is so cute when he is all snuggled up in his blankets at night.”

“Baldwin is such a great little boy. We love when he visits us because he is just so lovable.”

“He has the best temperament! He’ll snuggle in your arms or play with toys when he’s out of his kennel. Total love bug and enjoys all of the attention he gets from everyone here at UVH.”

“He is quite the celebrity here, whenever another employee hears that he is boarding with us, they have to go say hi to him. He is so quirky and fun to watch his personality. He loves when I open his door to say hi and always runs right up to me.”

“Baldwin deserves and gets so much attention when he is here! He is such a cuddle bug and has such a sweet personality! He is so special and not just because of his dashing good looks J”

“He is such a character! I have never met a sphinx in person before Baldwin and I love that he was the first one. He is such a sweet little guy, I love that I got to meet him and get to know him better while he visits.”

“I love how Baldwin seems to act like more like a dog than a cat. I love that he likes to play and tug on his toys but also gives kisses! He has such a big personality for a small cat.”

“Baldwin is such an awesome lil’ guy! He is a sweet and playful guy and we love having him stay with us!”

“Baldwin is the first sphinx I have met and what an impression he leaves on everyone he meets! He is as playful and affectionate as a puppy. He is just the coolest little guy, it’s so much fun having him stay with us.”

“Oh how I love little Baldwin! I think it’s super cute how he will get jealous if I’m giving love to another cat and will meow trying to get my attention on him instead. When it’s his turn, he becomes the happiest cat! He has a strong loud purr that makes his whole body vibrate.”