Boarder of the Month: Neo

Staff comments:

“I adore Neo. He is such a big sweetheart and so well-behaved!”

“Neo is a true gentleman, I can never walk past his kennel without stopping by to say hello.”

“Neo is such a good boy and he’s super sweet. He is always so excited to go out to the yards and play.”

“Its so fun when we get to watch the dogs that board with us mature and grow. Neo is such a sweetheart to have board with us, we get lucky every time he comes in. He LOVES his butt being scratched more than anything and will back up into so you scratch his butt first .”

“Talk about a gentle giant! He’s got the biggest heart and is always so excited and happy when he comes in. He loves his time in the yard especially when we are in there cuddling with him.”

“One of my favorite memories with Neo was seeing all the tricks and commands that he could do, he had the best army crawl!”

“Neo is such a great guy, I love it when he’s here, so sad to see him go home.”

“What a big playful pup! He is always so happy and its funny when he gets excited because he sort of bounces around, tongue out and huge smile on his face!”

“Neo has such a great personality! It’s always a blast taking him out for playtime in the yard. I love when I get to work and see that he is there.”

“Neo has such love in his eyes. Its always a good day when we see he’s boarding with us, I know that all of us kennel techs and the front desk receptionists love to see him come in, knowing we’ll get to spend time with him.”