Boarder of the Month: Farrah

Owner’s Testimonial:

“I often have to travel on short notice and I love that University Animal Hospital has always been accommodating even with such short notice. She receives great care because she is always excited to go stay there. I know the staff thinks she is extra special because they treat her like a queen. Everyone knows her by name and gives her lots of love. I would never even consider going anywhere else for her care. ”

Staff comments:
“I call her Farrah-Bear every time I see her because she loves to snuggle! She is super soft and a huge sweetheart. Her whole TLC she just wants to relax in your lap give you lots of kisses. She makes every day brighter and can put a smile on anyone’s face!”

“She is one of the sweetest girls and loves to cuddle!”

“She is so sweet and fun to run around with in the yard. She is always happy so long as she is with you.”

“Farrah is loved by everyone! She is such a sweetie, its so fun to have her around.”

“Farrah is such a sweetheart and she’s a little cuddle bug. Its so cute how excited she gets, she loves everyone and we all love to spoil her with attention. She loves having her belly rubbed and she loves to give lots of kiss!”

“She is the cutest lap dog! She adores belly rubs and we adore her.”

“Farrah is the darling of the kennel, everyone loves her and treats her like royalty.”

“I love Farrah’s big juicy eye and how she just loves her tummy rubs. I think she knows what a little star she is.”

“What a little bundle of joy! She such a cute face and it goes right along side with her adorable personality. If you are sitting down then she HAS to be in your lap and if she can reach your face, then she will be giving you kisses as well. ”