Are You Ready For a Second Dog?

Have you already gotten your kids one puppy and now they want another? Saying no to cute little rescue dogs can be quite difficult. Before giving into your children (or your significant other), consider the pro’s and con’s of bringing another pet into your home since it is a big responsibility.


  • What if you get the same breed/same sex dog?


This can cause many problems within the household, since they can become aggressive with each other over where the owner’s attention is going. It is similar as if you adopted the same breed because they may be “hard wired” differently and may act strange around each other. Do your research on what breeds work well with each other.


  • Is your first dog ready for a sibling?


If you’re still working through behavioral problems with your current dog, adding another pup into the mix will only make matters worse. The first few weeks will be especially challenging as your resident dog transitions into no longer being an only pup.

Any training challenges will be intensified, especially with double the energy level, and when you add that on top of whatever issues your second dog comes with, it won’t be long until you’re hopelessly overwhelmed.


  • Do you have the time?


You and your current pet probably have a little routine going. So, imagine adding a new bundle of joy into that mix that may just throw everything off. Your new puppy will require individual attention and training. A lot of people think a second dog will save them time, because playful dogs can exercise themselves, but it doesn’t usually work that way.


  • Do you have the room?


Double the dogs, double the room. This might not matter as much if you have smaller dogs, but if you like big mutts, space may be an issue. You’ll need extra room both inside and outside.

If you plan on crate-training, you’ll need space for two crates, and your yard needs to be big enough to give the dogs plenty of room to run around together. When people and animals are forced to share cramped spaces, it’s easy for tempers to flare.

Adding another furry friend to your life will require extra work and the transition period may be rocky, but if you do it right, double the dogs will mean double the fun.