Dr. Sharon Langeneckert

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I didn’t always know that I was going to be a Veterinarian but I was always known as an “animal” person on my block (no, this didn’t have to do with the parties while the folks were gone). I have memories of riding around on my “Big Wheel” picking up worms and putting them back in the grass after the rain and taking toads off the sidewalk and carrying them off to safety.

My best friend and I once fostered a baby Robin that was thrown from its nest. My parents didn’t start to object until I graduated up to fostering stray cats out of our stilt house in the back yard. Growing up in the suburbs didn’t offer much farm animal exposure but whenever I got the chance I’d talk to the horses and cattle on my trips to the rural areas. On trips to the zoo, my parents had to pull me away from the primate exhibit. I would sit and watch them for hours (or they were watching me?).

In the seventh grade I was so nervous about dissecting the frog in school, that I couldn’t eat breakfast. When I came home I couldn’t wait to tell my mom how “neat the insides were.” I had to describe (in more detail than she wanted) all about the anatomy of the frog. I was in the tenth grade when I started having great interest in the sciences and I decided to get a job at a “Vet” clinic. After witnessing my first surgery I knew I would become a Veterinarian.

Personal Pets
I have three cats. One cat kneads my hair every night. One cat can jump more than three feet in the air to get a balloon string. Two of the cats fetch round objects, (i.e., milk rings). I also have a pug mix. The dog runs into the glass door if I don’t put something on it to let him know that it’s closed. He also gives a “high five,” shakes and just about anything else for a treat!


  • B.S. Michigan State University, 1992
  • D.V.M. Michigan State University, 1994

Areas of Interest:

  • Pathology (maybe this stems from the frog experience)
  • Feline Medicine.