Dr. Barbara Batke

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I grew up in a wonderful community in the suburbs of Chicago. While growing up, my family would often take us on vacation to Arizona and I knew this would be where I would plant my roots. I am grateful to be back permanently. Dr Batke

I was inspired early on to pursue things that made me happy and what I loved the most were animals. My first job was working at a zoo in my home town as a zoo keeper, caring for many different creatures. My passion has brought me abroad as well. I traveled to Costa Rica and Thailand to provide veterinary care to a variety of species. My dedication to science led me to Stanford University to complete a handful of publications focusing on regenerative medicine and surgery. These experiences have helped me pursue my dream career as a veterinarian. After earning my bachelor’s degree from the University of Illinois in 2009, I attended the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine and graduated with high honors in 2013.

I am fascinated about every aspect of veterinary medicine and I especially enjoy surgery, internal medicine, and dental health. I feel very fortunate to share my passion for an animal’s well-being with my clients and their pets. When I am not in the hospital, you can find me outdoors. I love biking, hiking, running, and swimming. Arizona is a beautiful state and I want to see every inch of it. I also enjoy cooking and unwinding with a good book. Wherever I go, my two rescued mutts Walter and Harper are not far behind.

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