To the Doctors and Staff of University Animal Hospital:

We have been clients of University Animal Hospital for over 30 years. We have seen it grow from a small veterinary clinic started by Dr. Thomas Gus to a state of the art veterinary hospital with the ability to treat any type of medical condition. The facilities are always clean and both myself and our doggies are greeted by the friendly members of the University Animal Hospital team each time we visit. The doctors are the Best in the Veterinary business. They have a genuine compassion about our pets and their healthcare. We have enjoyed raising 5 puppies starting off their great care with the Puppy Plan at the Hospital. They have received the highest level of care throughout their years and healthy long lives being managed by the doctors at University Animal Hospital. They have overseen our pet’s care during crisis situations. Dr. Gus waited for us at 10:30 pm one evening when our German Shephard was struck by a car and fully recovered from his injuries thanks to his care. Dr. Flegeneheimer assisted our Lab through a serious bout of pneumonia with tender loving care. We have had to put 3 of our dogs down after the battle of old age. The compassion and caring they showed us during this period was amazing – even giving us a small clay footprint as a keepsake. The medical service and customer service is outstanding. I will remain a devoted customer of University Animal Hospital for years to come. Thanks to all the doctors and staff for being available for our four-legged family!

I have been a customer of University Animal Hospital for over a decade, and I would like to comment on how good the hospital staff has been to me over the years. The front desk staff are very helpful & caring. They know my pets by name and ask how they are doing. They’ve given me sympathetic hugs when I’ve needed one and I have always felt they cared about me, and my animals.

The same is true of the doctors on staff. Especially Dr. Bastek who has spent a lot of time helping two of my cats through multiple health issues. I know she not only cares about Oliver and Callie, but she thinks about them even after our appointment is over and she has researched the best medications to prescribe. I believe she has saved both their lives more than once.

The nurse technicians are friendly and caring, but also so professional I feel they would be up to par with any nurses at any major hospital for people. They take their responsibilities seriously and are extremely careful. They are also good listeners when I describe the health issues my pet is having. This makes me feel reassured that I can trust when I leave a pet at University Animal Hospital that my pet is receiving the absolute best care available.

I would like to thank all the staff at University Animal Hospital for everything they have done for me and my pets. I really do appreciate it, every time I visit.