Stacy B.

Dr. Gus and Dr. Flegenheimer,

I am currently in a position where I split my time between my home in Prescott and a place here in Tempe where I work during the week. I have two beagles that are very much part of our family that travel back and for the with us. Their normal vet is in Prescott, but that may soon change.

Last week one of them, Harley, ate a bone that ended up causing damage to his colon. He was bleeding pretty badly and my wife called me at work. I called around to some very trusted friends and vets in the valley looking for one that could help after hours as this was late in the afternoon. I was recommended to your clinic by quite a few.

I brought Harley over and when we got there things were bad. His normally outgoing and happy demeanor had left and he was a very lethargic and weak dog by the time we got in. He was taken into the back for exam and my family and I waited in the front. The nurses went out of their way to help control my 18 month and 3 year old boys. They were very nervous, not understanding what was going on but knowing something was wrong. One of the nurses brought out a DVD for them to watch and the whole staff was incredibly nice and helpful.

After a bit, we were called to the back to discus the situation. Dr. Ware had picked up the case.

I have had all kinds of animals through my life, and for those 35 years I have dealt with all types and abilities when it comes to vets. He explained the situation very thoroughly and what the options were. He stepped out a few times over the course of the consult to check on things. Each time he came back with more information to discuss. I was very taken by how positive and helpful he was. He was able to convey the seriousness of the situation, explaining in terms that were detailed and helpful to my wife and I about the situation. He provided quotes to us as we proceeded with each conversation, and made sure that we understood everything we were discussing. While the common person may not understand the complexity of biology, he never once made us feel as if we were being talked down to.

Dr. Ware constantly kept us updated over the next few days as to the status of Harley and how he was doing. He made sure to explain the details of the medication, what it will do, and how to administer it when Harley was released. Today Harley is back to his normal self and enjoying being back with his sister and our family.

During our whole interaction with your staff, we were every impressed. Please thank them all for a job well done.

A special thank you goes to Dr. Ware. He consistently had a smile, spoke to us as if we were old friends, and he always had time for us never rushing to the next task. Dr. Ware is one of the best vets I have ever met and I hope you make note of how important he is to your staff today and will be in the future. In being a vet he brings pride to the profession, and your team is better for having his as part of it.

Stacy B.