Jessica C.

Dear Dr. Gus,

In December, I had taken my cat Elmo into your office to see Dr. Langeneckert because he hadn’t been acting right for a week or so. Dr. Langeneckert thoroughly went over some possible problems and their solutions. I chose to have blood tests run to find out what exactly was wrong with him. Within a day or so, Dr. Langeneckert called me with the results-results I did not want to here. He had kidney failure. Being that Elmo was 17, she told me of some temporary fixes for him, but ultimately, we decided that it’d be in his best interest to have him euthanized. I took some time to accept the fact that he was dying and that the decision was the right one for him. I made an appointment for the following Tuesday. However, over that weekend, his condition started to worsen. I took him in on that Sunday morning. Dr. Langeneckert hadn’t been working that day, so our appointment was with Dr. Roe.

I’m writing to you to express my sincere gratitude. Both of the doctors and all of the techs and staff that I had encountered each visit took very good care of my beloved Elmo. They were all extremely compassionate and cared about my feelings and his needs. Dr. Langeneckert took quite a bit of time to fully explain everything to me and was very patient, even as I cried both in the office and over the phone. And although I met Dr. Roe for the first time under such sad circumstances, I truly appreciated her empathy and her genuine kindness that helped me get through the procedure.

I would also like to thank you for the sympathy card that I received from your office. I’m sure you and your staff can certainly understand that my pets are family. So when something like this happens, it truly is heart breaking…especially since I’ve had Elmo for 17 years!!

My last thank you is for something I received in the mail yesterday-a card from the Phoenix Zoo showing that a donation was made on behalf of Elmo from University Animal Hospital. I truly appreciate the thoughtfulness behind this gracious gesture. It certainly meant A LOT to me to see that, since I have a true passion for taking care of animals.

Jessica C.