Dr. Gus,

We wanted to let you know how much we appreciate the care Dr. Naig has given our dog.

For several months Harley has been very sick with tick fever. The traditional medicine/course of action was not working, as Harley’s case is very servere. Dr. Naig has taken the time to research, consult with specialists, and monitor Harley very carefully to develop a new treatment strategy.

Additionally, Dr. Naig takes the time to explain everything to me. I have a job where it is very difficult/impossible to take phone calls at work. This means I am usually not available when Harley’s blood work comes in. However, Dr. Naig always returns my calls in the evening, and makes sure that I understand exactly what is going on. Also, because of my work schedule I can usually only come in to the clinic at limited times which means that I can not always see Dr. Naig. Even when Dr. Naig has not been the person that sees Harley, she makes sure that she calls me with all test results.

I know that many people are attached to their pets, and we are no exception. However, Harley is especially important to me – we got Harley because I was in the middle of a serious medical illness and we thought Harley would help me feel better, or at a minimum lower my stress level. Obviously, you know what an impact a pet can have on a person’s health. Because Harley is so important to us, we want to make sure the we do everything we can to make sure she can get better. We are confident that is being accomplished with Dr. Naig.

We wanted to make sure you knew what an asset she is to the clinic. All the extra time and work she is doing means a great deal to us and to Harley.

Last Friday evening (5/22) I dropped off a stool sample for one of my elderly Afghan Hounds, who seemed a bit “off” and had just started having some diarrhea. I thought that perhaps I was over-reacting, but on the other hand I’d rather be safe than sorry. Besides if it didn’t clear up with a home remedy approach (chicken and rice diet and an OTC anti-diarrhea med) and I had to bring her in to the clinic, one of the first things you would want to check would be a stool sample.

Knowing that this was Memorial Day weekend and that Dr. Bob Koch (the vet I see most often) was out of town, I really didn’t expect to hear the results until the following Tuesday.

Imagine my surprise when Dr. Koch called me, from out of town, with the lab results about 5:30 the next evening – a Saturday night! I’d hardly hung up the phone from talking to him when Holly called from the clinic to tell me that the needed medication was ready to pick up!

So even though it was a three day holiday weekend, my dog was able to start her medication very quickly and get back of the road to recovery.

What a well-oiled machine you have at University Vet. The efficient front staff (who are such good listeners) manning the reception desk; the lab behind the scenes that ran the sample and communicated the results to Dr. Koch; Dr. Koch who is always willing to call to follow-up with clients (even after hours and regardless of where he is); the vet on duty that Saturday, who had approved the prescription and had Holly get it ready and call me.

Yet again, I am most impressed with the wonderful service the entire staff renders. And I know that a key element is how you all work together to make things happen while really caring about the clients and their animals.