Devorah Y.

Dr. Naig,

I wanted to thank you and your staff for taking care of my baby girl kitty, “Fire”. Even though she didn’t make it, I knew she was in good hands. Thank you for going the extra mile and calling the ER vet, calling me, and checking in even though you were already off for the day.

Fire, “Miss Fire” as I called her, was so sweet and had the loudest purr; I am sorry you never knew her when she was healthy – everyone falls in love with her. Thank you for recommending taking her to the ER for the night, they also did everything they could to keep her comfortable until the end. I was with her when she died and am so very greatful for that.

I have trusted many animals in the care of University Animal Hospital and after this week with Fire, I will continue to do so.

Please thank all the staff that helped with her care. I have worked in the animal field for almost 20 years, I know what dedication it takes. Miss Fire was blessed to have had all of you in her corner until the end. As her mother I will be eternally greatful.

Thank you,

Devorah Y.