Dear University Animal Hospital Dr.s and Staff..

I recently had to have my dog put down to rest. He was a yellow Labrador. He was 14 years old.  His name was Bear Driscoll. We often called him Bearzy. He spent most of his life in our big back yard. He loved to chew on wood and all the flowers when he was just a pup. He ate the same food twice a day most if the time and an occasional bacon burger or steak. He loved to play catch and when it rained he would try to catch the rain in his big ol mouth..He would run back and forth for hours chasing the rain.. He loved the outside we know because when invited in he would love to get a hug or two but then lay down until he got to play outside again. It was such a simple life .He guarded our house and kids with three different barks each one a different tone to let me know the different things he saw.. fireworks, cars, cats and strangers. Although he never said an English word he spoke so clear each morning when he greeted me for a new day..He was so content to know we were here and he was the guard. As the days were long and the years grew shorter he began to look more like a person who had learned a trade in School and then retired after a very long successful career. He was very healthy and very strong. He only had a cold a time or two. He was never a bother or a burden. He was the very best friend I ever knew..

When his time had began to come and he could no longer run and play..I want to say that he was so treated with all the love and respect that he deserved..Your Dr.s gave him medicine and to the end the day we had to let him go.. your staff was so very kind and each and every one of them made sure he was treated like a King. I know they will remember him and he will remember them and more importantly we will never forget how kind you treated us. I can’t express all the kind words or deeds like making sure you found the medicine for the best price and knowing that even though we didn’t have money to spare we could still make him feel we all cared.

I wish we could tell everyone our experience.

We all Thank you with all our hearts for taking the Best care of the Best ever friend & memory in the whole world..XOX Bearzy Driscoll and his family..