10 ways to spoil your pet this Valentine’s Day

The number one day of the year where we can spoil our pets is almost here, Valentine’s Day! Everyone knows we spoil them all year round but here are 10 fun ways to spoil your pet this Valentine’s Day:

  1. Homemade Treats! Your pets will know how much you love them with tasty treats. The number one way to any dog’s heart is through peanut butter, try these quick and easy peanut butter dog treats. If cooking in the kitchen isn’t an option, pick up a bag of specialty treats from your favorite pet store. Your pet will love trying something new!
  2. A trip to the dog park! A trip to play with their favorite friends will win your dog over. Grab a toy for fetch, water for your pet, and let them burn off energy with friends. This a great opportunity for your dog to practice socialization skills, training, and to promote good behavior around people and other dogs.
  3. Belly-Rubs! What dog doesn’t love one-on-one belly rubs. Give your dog a good belly rub while their tail is wagging and their silly grin is from ear to ear. It’s the easiest way to spoil your pet anywhere in the house.
  4. Go to their favorite hiking trail! As Arizona is home to many hiking trails that are dog friendly, it’s easy to have a favorite place to hike. Take your dog to their favorite hiking trail to enjoy fresh air, give your dog exercise, and practice training throughout the hike. Remember to always bring the essentials including water, treats, and doggie bags.
  5. Learn new tricks! Dogs and cats love to try new things. Through continued training you can prevent bad behavioral habits in your pet. You can teach your pets new tricks from online videos, purchase different puzzles and games from the pet store, or enroll in a obedience or training class.
  6. Spa Day! Everyone deserves a spa day, especially our pets. Book your pet a day at the groomer for a bubble bath and trim. They will love the massage and feel fresh and clean. If your pet loves lounging at home more, fill up the tub and give them a massage. Your pet will love playing with you and relaxing in the tub.
  7. Take them out to eat: While we know your pet shouldn’t be eating people food, that doesn’t mean they can’t accompany you to a pet-friendly restaurant. There are 113 pet friendly restaurants around the Valley that welcome dogs at their outdoor tables. Need help deciding where to eat? .
  8. Take a swim! We have the luxury in Arizona of having pools all year round. Take the time to swim with your pet in the pool. This is a fun and safe way for your pet to stay healthy and have gentle exercise in our warm climate.
  9. Book a play date! Positive socialization with other pets is a great way to keep your pet behaved in public. Play dates will help your pet to be friendly and inviting when seeing other dogs and cats.
  10. Love your pet! Our pets love us just as much as we love them. It’s important to set aside time for your furry friend everyday. If it’s a quick walk around the block or a belly rub on the couch, they’ll wear a smile all day.

Remember to share the love and spoil your pet this Valentine’s Day! If you have any questions on ways to spoil your pet, call us at 480-968-9275.