Walk In The Park Day

With National Walk in the Park Day on Thursday, March 30 and the weather still being somewhat bearable, we thought we would share our three favorite spots to take your dogs out for a walk and enjoy the Arizona Scenery! Always remember when walking your dog to keep them on a leash, bring bags and lots of extra water for you and your pup, as the weather heats up.

First up on the list is Papago Park. This is more of a hike, but it comes with some great AZ scenery along the way and great views at the top. Located in Tempe just north of the 202, it is relatively close to University Animal Hospital and walking distance from the Mill Ave. district of Tempe.

Another great place to take your dog that is central to Scottsdale, Tempe and Phoenix is Tempe Town Lake. There are clear walking paths, nice grassy areas and even a spot where your pup can get in the water if you allow them to.

Our third recommendation for a great place to walk your dog is along the Scottsdale greenbelt that stretches from Tempe Town Lake all the way to Shea Blvd. There are plenty of attractions and stops on the way as well as a nice walking/biking path to follow the entire way along.

Hopefully you’ve gotten some good ideas of where you can take your pup for a nice walk! Do you have other places that you love to walk? Let us know where they are, as we are always looking for new places to suggest to our patients!
Happy Walking and as always if you have any questions or concerns about your pets, give us a call, visit our website or bring them in for a visit.

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