National Train Your Dog Month

Not only is January known for New Year Resolutions, it’s also National Dog Training Month! Whether you got a new dog during the holidays, or your dog needs a little more obedience, training is what your dog needs. Not to mention, it’s a great way to bond with them. We’ll help you get started with basic tips and tricks.


The Basics

When you bring a new dog home, there are a few commands you’ll want to teach them right off the bat. If they already have a name, that’s great. If not, picking a name with a strong ending will keep your new puppy or dog focused. Stick with it and avoid using nicknames until they’re comfortable with the name. The next thing you should do is firmly decide on house rules. Is your dog allowed on the couch? Are they allowed on the bed? Do they eat in a specific place every day? These rules will help your new dog feel comfortable in your new home, and help keep your sanity.  


Commands to Know

There are commands like “shake” and “roll-over” that are fun challenges for your dog. Some commands should be taught right away to begin obedience. These commands are “come” “sit” “stay”. It helps to get on their level and use their name. When they complete the command correctly, use positive reinforcement and make it a big deal. You should teach your dog to sit before teaching stay. This trick is especially useful if you have a dog that loves to follow you around the house.


Crate Training

A crate is sometimes looked at negatively by pet owners, but for some pets it can be a positive training tool. While it can be used to potty train puppies, adult dogs are known for spending quiet time in their crates. Dogs are den animals and need a space to be alone. When crate training, never make the crate feel like a punishment. Throughout time, you’ll find your dog in there quite a bit when they get stressed or anxious.


Training your dog is one of the most important interactions you will have with them. Not only does it give you peace of mind, especially leaving them at home, but it helps you bond. Remember to keep it simple at first, and continue with consistency to improve your dog’s skills. If you have any questions, you can visit our website, or call us at 480.968.9275. Happy training!


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