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Heat Awareness Day

Dealing with the insanely hot summer months is something Arizonans know about all too well. What some of us forget to take into account is how hot it gets, and how it affects us, and especially our pets. Pets are vulnerable to overheating just like humans and some breeds are more susceptible than others. May 26th is National Heat Awareness Day, and we want to help you prepare for the months ahead.

What is Heat Awareness Day?

Heat Awareness Day is a great time to sit down and do your research on heat, and the crazy temps we have in the desert. If you have kids, take the time to research how they are affected in comparison to adults, as well.



The best way to stop heat stroke is to prevent it from ever happening. May is usually the last month of decent weather we have before summer begins here in the desert. Once temps reach 90 degrees and higher, there are a few things to remember:

  • Stay indoors – get your dog’s exercise in the morning before the pavement heats up, other than that, keep pets indoors as much as possible. If they have to go outside, invest in booties that will protect their paws.
  • Keep water fresh and replenished – as an added treat on really hot days, add a few ice cubes to the water bowl.
  • Never keep a dog in a parked car – The internal temperature of a parked car can reach almost 200 degrees in a matter of minutes.
  • Pool parties are for the dogs too – If you find yourself out by the pool like most of us, buy a plastic kiddie pool for the pets to enjoy. This can help them gradually get comfortable with water, and lead them into the pool.
  • Sunscreen – Dogs with short or light colored fur need sunscreen if they’ll be outside for a prolonged period of time. When buying sunscreen for your dog, avoid zinc oxide and put on a test area first.


Symptoms & Treatment

Did you know dogs with short noses, or long hair are more likely to suffer from a heat related illness? Signs of overheating and heat stroke include panting, redness of skin and gums, and increased body temperature. If you see any of these, immediately move your dog to a cool area, or cool them down with cool water. If symptoms do not subside, bring your dog in to your vet immediately.  


The summer in Arizona is a great time of year where everything seems to slow down. However, we want to ensure you stay safe. Follow these precautions and your summer should be nothing but fun-filled. If you have any questions about heat related illnesses, please call us at 480.968.9275 or visit our website.


Cat Shedding

Every year, cats lose their heavy winter coats in the summer in order to keep them cool. This is a normal and healthy thing, so if you find your house is exploding with EXTRA cat hair, don’t worry.

The best way to combat your cats blowing their coats is to brush them all the time! The more hair you brush out, the less that ends up on your floor. You should always brush in the direction that your cat’s hair naturally grows, while also being careful not to pull on mats or tangles. For long haired cats, different brushes may be more helpful than others. This shedding rake seen below is great for long hair, as it gets to the skin and gets the undercoats hairs.

One of the great things about cats is they oftentimes bath and groom themselves. However, during shedding season this can lead to a lot of unwanted hairballs. Hairballs are not only gross for humans, but can cause a lot of digestive problems in your kitty if it becomes an ongoing habit. This is why it is so important to brush your cat and even take them to the groomers regularly.

Keeping yourself free from cat hair is not always easy, but staying on top of the fur is the best way to go. Always keep lint rollers handy, sweep daily, and wash pillows/beds/blankets that your kitty loves to lay on.
If you have any questions on the best ways to help your cat during shedding season or want to set up a grooming appointment, visit us online or call 480-968-9275.

Lost Dog Awareness Day

We’re bringing awareness to lost dogs this week. visit poster’s website Its a common thing, but there are ways to prevent a dog getting loose. Evan talks about keeping all contact information up to date, have correct licensing through Maricopa county, and a dog collar with up to date name and phone number.

National Kids & Pets Day

Dr. Ware talks about staying safe when you approach a dog that you don’t know, and that don’t know you. The approach he talks about is one he recommends teaching to children to prevent and accidents that could occur.

Dog Allergies

Watch as Dr. Ware talks about dog allergies. Allergies are common in dogs, just like they are in humans. There are two different types of allergies, and those are food and environmental. You’ll see allergies manifest themselves in skin irritations, licking paws, and ear infections.

Exercising Your Pet


Just like it is important for people to get the correct amount of exercise everyday, it’s important for your dog to get exercise too. Although humans and dogs differ greatly, the benefits of exercise are the same and that is why it is crucial to incorporate exercise into your dog’s daily routine.  Each dog is different and therefore needs different things when it comes to exercise, but here are a few of our tips to keep your dog as healthy as possible.

Many vets recommend a minimum of 30 minutes of vigorous exercise a day for all size and breeds of dogs. Along with this, another 1-2 hours is recommended, depending on the type of dog. Again, all of this is just recommendations and estimates. To get a good number for your specific dog, you should consult your vet and figure out the best fitness plan.

Another important part of a dog’s health that we often overlook is their mental health and whether or not they are being stimulated mentally. Boredom in dogs can also be a result of lack of exercise which is why this is an important area to think about. A few signs that your dog may need more mental stimulation are pacing, barking, chasing its tail, and oversleeping.

There are so many great ways to help your dog get more exercise, and it could even be a great way for you to incorporate more exercise into your daily routine! We recently shared our favorite places in Tempe to walk your dog, which is a great starting point. Like we mentioned before, always consult your vet before making any drastic changes to your pets diet or exercise routine. We are always here to help online or over the phone 480.968.9275

Walk In The Park Day

With National Walk in the Park Day on Thursday, March 30 and the weather still being somewhat bearable, we thought we would share our three favorite spots to take your dogs out for a walk and enjoy the Arizona Scenery! Always remember when walking your dog to keep them on a leash, bring bags and lots of extra viagra sans ordonnance water for you and your pup, as the weather heats up.

First up on the list is Papago Park. This is more of a hike, but it comes with some great AZ scenery along the way and great views at the top. Located in Tempe just north of the 202, it is relatively close to University Animal Hospital and walking distance from the Mill Ave. district of Tempe.

Another great place to take your dog that is central to Scottsdale, Tempe and Phoenix is Tempe Town Lake. There are clear walking paths, nice grassy areas and even a spot where your pup can get in the water if you allow them to.

Our third recommendation for a great place to walk your dog is along the Scottsdale greenbelt that stretches from Tempe Town Lake all the way to Shea Blvd. There are plenty of attractions and stops on the way as well as a nice walking/biking path to follow the entire way along.

Hopefully you’ve gotten some good ideas of where you can take your pup for a nice walk! Do you have other places that you love to walk? Let us know where they are, as we are always looking for new places to suggest to our patients!
Happy Walking and as always if you have any questions or concerns about your pets, give us a call, visit our website or bring them in for a visit.

Spring Cleaning for your Dog

It’s almost spring! The weather is finally warming up, which means it’s time to shed winter’s layers to start fresh on the 20th of March. Every year, most of us take part in spring cleaning. Maybe you start in the living room, maybe it’s the kitchen, but do you remember your dog’s area? Sure, they may not know what spring cleaning is, but surely they’ll appreciate a fresh start. Here are the best ways to revamp your dog’s space this Spring!

Basic Cleaning

The best way to start is by simply cleaning the areas where your dog spends most of their time. Think about where their bed is, or where they may sleep, while you’re out of the house. If you’re starting with disinfecting, make sure you avoid cleaners without Phenols, Isopropyl alcohol, Formaldehyde, Phthalates, Bleach, and Perchloroethylene. Your favorite pet store will have products that are safe for your pets. Clean up any hair around their areas, and wash all bedding thoroughly .


Out with the old, In with the new

For a lot of people, the spring means a fresh start. We also think it’s the perfect time to also get your dog in on the action. While you might buy new clothes to welcome the Arizona weather, what about something NEW for your furry friend? If cleaning your dog’s bedding won’t bring it back to life, a new bed could be in their future. Find one that features a cool temperature for the warmer days ahead. A new toy may also be nice for the Spring, to get them ready for the active days ahead.

Here at UAH, we’re getting ready for spring cleaning early, before the official first day of spring on March 20th. Get your dog involved on the fun this year, they’re sure to enjoy this new tradition. If you have any questions about cleaning your dog’s space you can call us at 480-968-9275.


Cat Boarding

With Spring Break right around the corner and Summer approaching faster than we think, it’s time to start thinking about where your pets will stay when you are off having fun and traveling. Often times we automatically think about who will take care of the dog when we leave home, but it is also important to think of the cat. Yes, cats are far more independent and don’t need as much supervision, but if you are leaving for an extended period of time, you should really look into boarding your kitty as well.


Here at University Animal Hospital, we are proud to be a cat-friendly practice and also have cat boarding as an option. We have an entirely separate room for cats and smaller creatures like rabbits and pocket pets. It can sometimes be a stressful situation for your pets to be boarded, but with separate areas, they are able to feel more comfortable.


When you board your cat at UAH, they have the option of a window or non-window condo. We will also provide them with food, water, bowls, bedding and litter boxes. If your kitty likes any special kind of food or treats or needs to take any special medication, you are more than welcome to bring them along and let us know.


You can board your pets for any duration of time, and we also offer special discounts for longer periods of time. (i.e 7-13 days get 10% off, 14-20 days get 15% off and 21 or more days get 20% off). Visit our website to learn more about the boarding and vaccination requirements. You can make your reservations online or call at 480-968-9275. If you are a first time client, you can also receive 10% off!
We know it’s nerve wracking to leave your pets when you go on vacation, so we do our best to make sure they are comfortable and happy while you are away!